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Yours Naturally Naturally Yours

As someone that started developing an interest and understanding in skincare due to my own personal and complex path from ezcema, oily teen skin to dehydration prone older days, all the whilst having to work in acutely sensitive skin issues, it’s binding to find boutique skincare brands that, too, have originated from life experiences: enter Georgina Tang, the pioneering lady behind Yours Naturally Naturally Yours, a skin and haircare range purely based on essential oils that started on her kitchen table after her son had been diagnosed with a rare, incurable joint condition, Idiopathic Arthritis, and the ensuing chemo treatment led to complete hair loss and severe cracked, bleeding skin. Tang was referred to multiple dermatologists but found many products only made the condition worse. So circa, 2014, Yours Naturally Naturally Yours was born from an urgency to find solutions and in doing so get back to the very root of ingredients, the very original natural source, in a time when the beauty market has never been more saturated yet so far removed from its ingredient origins.

Tang is quick to define her beauty label: ‘90% of people start with chemical based products and add in a very small amount of high quality ingredient because it’s cheaper – I reversed that because my starting point was what would work for my son’s severe skin condition – I use the best oils and they are all traceable back to their roots, whether it be rose otto fields in Bulgaria or wherever.’

It’s that very through line that appealed to me about YNNY:  there’s a hand touch to the products, a clear transparency – exact percentages of ingredients are clearly stated on the bottles – and because the quality levels of ingredients is high, it works to mix and match between products. As someone whom is a dedicated rose otto oil user, and adheres to its ancient wisdoms dating back to the time of Cleopatra, I was first drawn to the ‘Rose Otto Cleanser and Toner’ but had reservations about how the 1-2 stages could be united in one bottle. Tang assures me that floral water has been known for centuries as a natural cleanser and natural toner but cosmetic companies won’t do that because they want you to buy both. ‘It’s all a marketing ploy and I wanted to do away with that.’ As someone time poor and tired, I often skip the all important toner stage and so this was win win for me, whilst I found the Rose version a better cleanser, I was intrigued to try the same product using Lavender floral water, which I hadn’t used previously. I could feel my pores open and close and excess oils felt removed; Tang is attentive to the distillation process when creating these floral waters ‘I don’t dilute. A lot of people use pure water and some essential oil but mine is completely pure floral water. It’s also very difficult to find organic glycerine and I only use that in 2.5%.’

This attention to detail and multi-purpose approach applies to her ‘hero’ product, the Elixir serum – a soft, fine texture serum which works for anti-aging, fine lines, pigmentations, acne scarring and more. As someone whom sticks to serums but struggles to find something that is not too heavy in texture and results in over-clogging, I was relieved to be advised that 2 pumps of this will suffice for face, neck, hands. Tang explains that whilst most serums on the market will be made up of 50-70% base oil, she sticks to a larger quantity of expensive, essential oils – it is packed with evening primrose, borage and rosehip. It’s also re-assuring to find out this hero product again came about through her own story – finding post pregnancy photos of herself at a beauty conference caused her to address her ‘skin sagging and wrinkles.’ I am now, myself, finding results applying this to my neck lines caused by ‘tech-neck’ and too much time looking down at my phone!

Whilst Tang took classes at a beauty school and with a manufacturer mentor in 2012, YNNY is her own success story. Now a globally used company, YNNY made its first foray into the States through a recent fashion show in LA and will launch into further points as well as Europe soon, Tang is open about the struggles of starting her company, her own belief (and her friends) initially that no one would buy the products, the challenge of working only with the highest quality ingredients and thus low profit margins, the importance of staying true to yourself no matter the ‘noise’ around you. And, of course, an exemplar example of how high quality products speak for themselves.