Rola Skin x DC – interview
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Rola Skin x DC – interview

I recently caught up with Carola Biason, founder of new luxury skincare brand, Rola skin. A new brand with a holistic approach and with a unique starting point; Rola skin is based on the renowned 10 step routine, harmonious formulations and ‘less is more philosophy’ of Korean skincare. Carola has spent time in Korea and returns regularly to Seoul to work with her laboratories on formulations.

‘The unique concept behind Rola skin derives from my personal struggles and skin journey with sensitive, congested skin from an active city life, which often left me with blemishes and rashes affecting not just my appearance but also causing me low self-esteem,’ explains Biason. ‘I noticed that many Western skincare brands often included alcohol to improve texture, added fragrances for a sensorial experience, and used irritating essential oils in their products. I wanted to create something different.’

At the time Carola was visiting Seoul, Korea a lot and was impressed by their skincare principles – ‘my way in was the Korean masks, which they use daily as part of their skincare essentials and achieve immediate results.’ After spending time exploring the Korean skincare market and witnessing her clear, radiant skin firsthand, Carola knew she wanted Rola skin to reflect these qualities and to make a difference in people’s lives.

Naturally drawn to Korean skincare, myself, having tried many of their ancient techniques and philosophies, such as Golki facial massage, I was fascinated by Rola skin’s novel fusing of ancient wisdoms and Korean philosophies with modern science and cutting-edge developments to create effective skincare. The initial curated selection of clean skincare products: Ultra Hydrating Restore Glow Sheet Mask, Delicate Face Cream and a Glow Duo Set focus first on hydration, something I have found neglecting in Western skin.

On testing, the Delicate Face Cream is a win win for someone with sensitive skin as it challenges the notion that richer textures equate to better hydration. It’s a lightweight cream that defies greasiness, whilst providing a powerful surge of moisture: the Rola skin ingredient secret is the 10-layer hyaluronic acid complex to deeply replenish the skin’s optimal moisture level. Other standout ingredients include the Cica, a Korean ingredient, known for it’s incredibly soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. The Delicate Face Cream specifically focuses on improving skin sensitivity, whilst also addressing premature aging concerns and with an easy absorb texture works well underneath SPF.

For sensitive skin sufferers, Carola has also placed focus on microbiomes, ‘understanding the skin’s microbiome is crucial for creating effective and innovative products;’ our research reveals fascinating insights into how certain factors, such as environmental stressors, lifestyle choices and product ingredients can impact the delicate balance of the skin’s microbiome. Carola has identified key beneficial skin ingredients that specifically calm inflamed skin, reinforce skin barrier function, and improve overall skin function – these ingredients include centella asiatica, chamomile, peony extract, panthenol and allantoin, which help growth of beneficial microorganisms to support overall skin health.

Biason is hands on with her formulation process and collaborations with her labs in Korea with a focus on quality, transparency and innovation: combining actives with botanicals to create synergistic formulations that deliver maximum benefits for sensitive skin. Rola skin is also based on a transparent supply chain – the provenance of each ingredient is meticulously sourced, such as the peony extract which is derived from a specific supplier in the Okjeongho province, selecting reputable suppliers who share our commitment to ethical practices.

Exciting new products to come include an innovative eye mask to remove signs of tiredness and rejuvenate the delicate eye area and a nourishing cleanser to remove impurities and focus on hydration.

Can’t wait!





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