Nefera Skincare: Ambassador
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Nefera Skincare: Ambassador

First off, I am delighted to announce I am an ambassador for luxury skincare brand Nefera. (

My own skincare journey is a non-linear, frustrating trajectory to finding a product which balanced texture and results, whilst only using natural ingredients. Having suffered early from over oily skin and prone to breakouts, I had an arduous task to get this in hand through my early twenties and then to translate that into sensitive but effective ‘anti-aging’ formulas into the later end of the decade.

I have a strong precedent set to me about skincare: ‘invest in your skin and it will pay you back.’ This was advice drilled into me through generations of the women in my family. My grandfather was a producer in the Golden era of film and Hollywood, and my grandmother, spending most of her days at Pinewood around the glamour of old stars, had learnt all the tricks of how to present herself in the best way possible with minimum time and fuss, often moving countries, locations and sets. Not actually a full time actress herself, she didn’t have to succumb to any studio pressure or surgery, and had just taken the tips of actual long term skincare solutions without filling her face with chemicals or getting onto the ‘slippery slope.’

Fast forward and today the market is saturated with skincare products claiming every sort of ‘fix’ (the majority in the short term), it’s impossible to find anything that isn’t filled with a long list of harsh ingredients mainly centred around retinol, whilst ‘natural’ skincare has become a generic term bandied around so loosely, it has lost all definition.

That is how I came to Nefera: not just skincare products but a boutique, tailor made approach that meets where modern skincare is going now – a doctor  behind the ingredients – nature and technology in harmony. Win Win. Introduce Dr Kazem, whose devised a revolutionary method utilising his long and extensive knowledge of skincare science to put together a 1-2-3 step system that reaches the deepest level of the inner skin cells. With products centering around the hard-to-come-by but all natural pollachius peptide – it is derived from the Black Pollack fish found deep in the North Sea, extracted cleanly via natural enzymatic hydrolis – and fortified by nanotechnology, it reaches and restores your skin’s natural collagen at the deepest level. However finding this miracle peptide was just the beginning, how to convert it into the inner layers of the skin?

So NANOTECHNOLOGY, what exactly is that? In simple terms, nutrients are encapsulated in nanoparticles suspended into a liquid, making up a nanoemulsion. The small size of the nanoparticles, compared to particles in conventional emulsions, allows the nanoparticles to penetrate deeper into the skin, delivering the nutrients to more layers of skincells. In the case of Nefera, they have used a modern devised nanotechnology, in the form of a ‘carrier’ to reach the deepest skin levels. Note: the reproductive capability of this peptide is ten times greater than that of a placenta extract.

And whilst I have been noticing the anti aging effects over a realistic month-6 week period, Nefera have got the texture spot on, so my skin doesn’t feel clogged or over saturated, whilst reaping the benefits of the 3 different stages: Day Cream (Rejuvenate&Protect), Night Cream (Heal&Restore) and Lifting Serum (Fill&Tighten)

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