Mindful Extracts CBD x Davina Catt
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Mindful Extracts CBD x Davina Catt

Having fallen off my Vespa post Lockdown one and fractured my ankle meaning my indoors time has lasted pretty much the whole year, CBD has been my saviour. Alongside confinement resulting in the trigger of horrific past emotional trauma coupled with a bout of psoriasis at the close of 2020, due to cumulative stress, it’s been the year one will ‘never forget.’ I was talking to a life coach, whom enlightened me on the connection of mind and body, how so-called ‘mental health conditions’ can often manifest themselves in the body and physicality. And through research, I struck upon ‘Mindful Extracts.’

An innovative CBD brand, co founder Donal Bourke describes as a ‘little bit of the presence of nature,’ I was intrigued and impressed by the singular direction of the label, which differentiates itself from the saturation of CBD products on the landscape by developing a ‘full spectrum’ product which connects CBD and mindfulness. In June 2015, Bourke, himself, suffered a near fatal motorcycle accident which left him with multiple injuries including four spinal fractures in his back and unable to move or function for over a year. His extensive road to recovery still left him with an all-over nerve pain(not alleviated with morphine) which led him to trial natural healing, yoga mindfulness, and experience the power of CBD when used in conjunction with it. ‘Mind and body are so linked when it comes to trauma – western medicine doesn’t recognise that so much but eastern medicine treats pain as a holistic thing.’

Bourke and his co-founder, Nick De Haan, have brought years of thorough research as well as these traumatic experiences into the Mindful Extract product: currently using European and American hemp as source, they have trialled over 30 different types of hemp from around the world as well as putting together a group of ‘guinea pigs’ whom have all experienced different life traumas to test products and find oils that really work for them. Whilst all packaging is recycled and the website distills their research through guided meditations and other mindfulness practices – ‘I really notice how amplified the effects are if I take the CBD drops half an hour before yoga and how much further into my body I can go.’

Mindful Extracts also works to its own unique ethos: they are big advocates of full spectrum CBD for its ‘entourage effect.’ Whilst there are 120 cannabonoids in the hemp plant so CBD is just one of them, Mindful Extracts aimed to ‘cram in as many of the oils as possible.’

And with CBD now being put in everything from chocolate bars to coffee, how will Mindful Extracts stay true to its ethos?

‘We will absolutely not go gimmicky. We are working in a different way than other companies because we simply believe CBD is great on its own and doesn’t need to go into anything and everything. We have had such great feedback though that we are working on a vegan, natural bodycare range – as CBD is absorbed very well into the skin. I also currently am working on samples for mushroom supplements so it’s an exciting time.’

‘Ultimately we just want to remain practical in our product lines and offer help to people through showing them a mindful way that can help them through their day to day.’