Luminiquea skincare Interview
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Luminiquea skincare Interview

I caught up with Amy Jane Gilbert, beauty industry expert with over 10 years-experience working for luxury brands, who utilised her corporate skills with her own passion for nature, sustainable practices and a plant-based lifestyle to launch Luminiquea, a line of skincare and beauty products, free from all parabens and chemicals and with her own distinctive vision.

‘I have always been interested in self -care and making conscious choices which was re-invigorated during the pandemic when we were all forced to slow down and re-evaluate our choices,’ says Gilbert. ‘I started making mini pamper hampers for friends and charity and whilst hiking one day with an entrepreneurial friend I had gifted one to, she said I don’t think you know what you’ve got here. I started thinking more and realised I was overwhelmed by the amount of products in my bathroom cabinet and that I could make a product that was free of all parabens and chemicals, sustainably driven and could be used for face and body.’

And so Luminiquea was born with a small curated first edit: A Dry Face & Body Clay, Bath & Body Wash and Body Balm (a special gift box is also available with all combined). The products are unique in the way they can be used for both face and body ‘so you are getting the most for your money and limiting space and wastage.’ So what’s the ingredient process that makes these products multi usable (in particular for sensitive skin and eczema sufferers)?

‘Using dry clay you can add water or rosewater or any liquid of your choice to create the desired consistency – that’s what I love about it – the two different clays, Kaolin and Pink, vary in texture but are gentle enough to be used daily and to also draw out impurities,’ says Gilbert, ‘so I use daily as a cleanser and once a week as a mask. 1 parts clay, 2 parts water is the right texture as a cleanser and you can up it as you like.’ Gilbert concedes ‘I wanted to share this with other women as I’ve been using it for 6 months and feel so fresh faced afterwards, and so much more confident in my own skin. I’ve noticed as I get older I don’t feel the need to use tons of foundation as warpaint and I feel a lot of this has to do with these products.’

So how does she source ingredients and formulate the products?

‘Well first a lot of the incentive for these products came from my young son too – he swims many hours competitively and is exposed to the negative effects of chlorine so I wanted something soft enough for a baby’s skin, that would nourish and hydrate.’  Whilst the ingredients have a plant-based focus, Gilbert agrees that for a product to function adding in an active to the formulation is imperative. Expect ingredients including coco glucosdie, decyl glucoside, cocamidopropyl betaine, as well as apricot kernel oils, meadow foam oil and other essential oils in the mix.

Gilbert’s passion to create a transparent supply chain from the get-go influenced her decision to source all ingredients in the UK, whilst it’s not just products that are sustainably driven but all packaging too.

Indeed Gilbert’s innovation in ‘staying true to herself’ by creating the product sustainably from idea to execution is impressive: ‘All of our packaging is made from wheatstraw – agricultural waste which is stored and then burnt so harmful for the environment – I am in conversation with farmers now to source it, as when the wheatstraw is finished with you can put it into waste/compost and it will naturally decompose and turn back into organic matter, so in a way the cycle is complete.’  Even the thank you notes are on seeded paper so you can pop it in a window box and get wild flowers.

So what are the future plans for Luminiquea?

‘I’ve already started looking at new products – I use Damascus rose water, myself, so I am thinking of doing a toner with only that ingredient and am also looking at a face oil to finish the routine. I am also in the process of creating a bath milk because when I make the face clay I sieve the gluten free fine oatmeal and there are always ingredients left over from the process, so I combine with it essential oils for a bath salt product. Therefore as a stand alone product it would be a nice sustainable full circle product.’

Whilst Gilbert is keen to expand the Luminiquea range and make it widely recognised, using her luxury beauty brand experience, she is adamant to stay true to her vision, keeping the product line curated and fully transparent. 1