Koia London x Davina Catt
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Koia London x Davina Catt

Koia London:

With what seems like a never ending year and a half of pandemic stress and now post pandemic anxiety as we re-emerge into some kind of normal living, my skin, unsurprisingly, has taken a huge toll. Did you know: Anxiety is known to trigger production of the stress hormone cortisol, which changes your skin pores and increases skin oil production?

Whilst the extreme amount of screen time my skin was enduring for day to day Zoom meetings, left me feeling like I had lost all lift and plump in my face. Could digital screens actually change the shape of your face? Yes, according to research, blue light from electronic devices can lead to changes in your skin cells, including cell shrinkage and death. These speed up the age-ing process.

With this in mind and feeling overwhelmed by the saturation of product but lack of bespoke, targeted knowledge for each individuals skin concern, I made my way to facial destination and holistic health and wellness centre, Koia London.

As soon as I entered this oasis of calm, I knew I was in trusted hands. The beautiful but simply designed building in West London exudes ‘Zen’ – whereby they believe in a link between mind and body and 360 wellness, whilst treating your personal skin issues with forensic like detail.

For the first time, I was put under the Opatra Dome skinscanner – a face analysis machine that clinically measures the surface and subsurface of the skin using state of the art digital imagery, RGB visible light, UV spectrum technology and more. Whilst that all sounds confusing – you simply put your face inside the machine for a few minutes and it tracks everything from fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, pores, texture, moisture, UV spots and more – and more importantly how your skin stands to look in 5 years time.

Whilst I have to admit my results weren’t anything to celebrate –   it gave me unprecedented insight into my skin and moreover was the basis for how my facialist, Natalia, would curate my Hydrofacial.

Aimed at areas including dehydration, ageing, congestion and dull skin facade – I also repeatedly requested to Natalia to work on lifting and plumping – and anything involving collagen.

A step by step process which includes: Hydro Peel, three solutions based on AHAs that exfoliate, hydrate, nourish the skin. Deep Vibrational Exfoliation, a vibrating capsule containing citric acid and sodium bicarbonate to oxygenate the skin. Deep Vibrational Exfoliation – a vibrating capsule which penetrates deep into the layers of skin with citric acid. Oxygen to increase cell regeneration and prevent breakouts. The all important skin lifting stage – I asked for extra time on this – using iontophoresis, a mild form of electrical stimulation to create a lifting effect. The next layer is the calming stage, a gentle ultrasound with an applied mask that penetrates and hydrates deeper into the skin, which is followed by a gentle radiofrequency. This is whereby, carefully calibrated radio waves penetrate the dermis to stimulate fibroblasts and encourage new production of collagen and elastin. And to finish a hot/cold therapy to deep cleanse, tighten and close the pores.

And result: not only did I feel like my skin had been thoroughly worked through, calmed and treated after the horrific stress toll it had taken, but I felt I had better understanding through the use of the facial analysis machine where my skin was going and ultimately it’s state beneath the skin surface, which can be so deceptive.  Also with the focus I had asked for on plumping – I noticed my cheekbones had reemerged!

I highly recommend visiting Koia London