Evese London Luxury skincare X DC
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Evese London Luxury skincare X DC

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With the luxury skincare market so saturated and an overwhelming amount of products being sold to the consumer as radically ‘anti-aging’, I was intrigued when I came across Evese London: a new luxury skincare brand based on a concise, curated edit that makes not only anti-aging a core part of the brand but also skin maintenance; ‘improve skin condition so you don’t have to resort to invasive skincare treatments is a core principle of the brand,’ explains founder, Andreas Samiotis.

Samiotis had a circumventive route to skincare start- up: his father, a respected ENT specialist with an interest in dermatology and medical, cosmetic lasers, too, suffered kidney failure, and Samiotis not only stepped in to give away a kidney but to take over his business. ‘I wanted to find a product that could reduce healing time after skin resurfacing. So, I made my own beginning with the ‘I’ Tone Radiance Age Reverse (full of macademia extract) and then I realised I could create a very simple full skincare range whilst eliminating all the noise around.’

Evese London places an emphasis on the holistic power of botanicals whilst utilising science and innovation to be both functional and preventative in approach: ‘my attraction to planet-based botanicals really started in my childhood. My grandparents lived in Cyprus and owned prickly pear fields – people forget you can actually eat them – but they are so powerful as healing antioxidants for conditions like acne, sensitive or inflamed skin. From there the botanicals just aligned with my brand proposition and no other luxury brands at the time had this USP,’ reflects Samiotis. ‘You will also find rose water and macademia as well as the prickly pear in the toner and anti-aging moisturiser respectively.’

I remark on my love of Rose Otto and the ancient wisdoms attached to this particular essential oil, including Cleopatra, who bathed in it. Samiotis agrees that it is the most distinctive flavour you could have, balancing skin PH and getting rid of sebum deep in the glands. He muses, ‘I believe our plant has everything we need from it – sustainably – whether it be from mud or livestock. For thousands of years we’ve been harvesting plants and using them for medicinal reasons – which is synonymous with what our skin needs for its own maintenance.’

Evese London currently is a select edit that covers all your needs – whatever your age or skin type: Aour Glo (anti-ageing innovation for the under eye area), Hydra Moist (a bespoke daily moisturiser for all hydration), Hydra Sphere (activates cell renewal) Pro Balance (clears sebum and balances PH), Si Nekra (a non drying, exfoliating mask), I’Tone (multifunctional, collagen boost)

Each product is filled with just one or two active ingredients – ‘I founded the line on simplicity so it’s designed to not be confusing with ingredients.’

Other sumptuous textures include the dead sea mask, which is filled with minerals like magnesium, sodium, potassium, ‘our human function depends on these minerals so to have synergy with our skin it makes sense to include them as an ingredient.’

Samiotis emphasises that it is imperative to him to stay true to his original vision so he doesn’t intend to keep adding in new products for the sake of it: instead he will be using the Cyprus fields his late grandfather recently left to him ‘to source his own prickly pear for the next batch.’

I highly recommend following this luxury skincare brand that refreshingly strips back to the essentials whilst offering long lasting results and skin maintenance.