DC x Bobbie Watches
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DC x Bobbie Watches

In an ever-changing fashion landscape, I not only enjoy speaking to independent designers but also brands whose founders haven’t necessarily worked in fashion but acquired business acumen in other categories and are now bringing that to creative endeavours. Cue: Clarice Brough founder of Bobbie Watches, a new watch/accessory brand with an innovative design twist, launched with limited edition drops and by direct to consumer model.

Brough has a background in business analytics and understands that she is launching into today’s ever evolving fashion market ‘that needs agility, a resilient business model and importantly to offer customers a novel proposition.’

Bobbie Watches was launched from a two-fold starting point: a creative brand with an empowering impact. ‘It was also important to me to offer a personalisation element that enabled customers to be part of the design process so they could create something truly of their own.’

The debut collection of Bobbie Watches features Miyota GL30 quartz movement watch faces in rose gold cases with a selection of different bold colourway straps. Inspired by coloured ribbons and a circular pink box with a watch face she was given in childhood, Brough has now also created an additional bespoke watch scarf collection: ‘I found some twilly scarves lying around at home and was thinking about how beautiful they were but how they don’t get much use so I decided to create a product that allowed customers to upcycle something they might already have in their wardrobe- I love that every watch scarf is different and tells its own story.’ Again, you can choose from different patterns and colourways, leave the designer to source vintage scarf designs for you, or send in a bespoke version of your choice.

For Bobbie Watches time and empowerment are integral to the brand and design process: whilst time is unvarying for everyone, it’s possible to determine your own course or way in life. The brand also aims to support women in the workplace, Brough adds ‘when we think of a “successful women CEO” it conjures women in a power suit emulating male qualities, I wanted to add a feminine touch where self-expression leads the way.’ With that, 10% of the debut collection goes to Smart Works Charity, (which supports women to reach full potential, secure employment and change their life trajectory).

With sold out collections, independent retailer, Wolf and Badger as a stockist, Bough explains her future vision, ‘Sustainability is in everything I do, so I want to continue designing small batches of customisable products (in a ‘drop model’) – it doesn’t have to be just watches, I have other ideas, as long as they fit with a social initiative.’ It will be one to watch : )

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