Bentley Motors x Davina Catt
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Bentley Motors x Davina Catt

Bentley MotorsBentley pic 8 – 100 year anniversary

As an adrenaline junkie and petrolhead for as long as I can remember and having driven around circuits including Goodwood, Brands Hatch and Castle Coombe, I couldn’t have been more excited to work with Bentley Motors for their prized centenary celebrations.

In 2019, to celebrate the centenary of Bentley – W.O Bentley founded Bentley Motors in 1919 and has created some of the most seminal vehicles on the automotive landscape ever since – I was lucky enough to get a bank holiday weekend with their signature GTC model (updated version) to take for a spin around Central London and out into countryside dirt tracks.

A venerable, truly British automobile brand, Bentley has embodied the height of luxury with function and innovation to truly stand the test of time: stand out models have included the Bentley 8 litre, which was first commissioned for the music hall star singer, Jack Buchanan, in 1930 and the second one as the personal car for W.O Bentley himself. (today it is still known as the car of the ‘CEO) Other successful models include the Bentley Mark V, then advertised as the ‘Silent Sports Car,’ and the iconic racing car of the pre-war years the ‘Bentley Blower’  legendarily raced at Le Mans by the driver known as the ‘Bentley Boy.’

My GTC model, was delivered to my door by a suit attired member of the Crewe factory; in an Ice white spray, featuring all the latest technology gadgets and convertible roofing, the V8 model feels unusually compact and neatly wound its way through the tight corners and parking spaces of Mayfair, London before heading into the off road tracks of Richmond Park and out into open countryside.

For such a luxury vehicle, it handles so easily on all terrain, with easy acceleration and for immense power, put it into ‘sport mode’ at your own risk!


Photographer/co-driver: Alexander Warren